Linking agriculture, nutrition and gender is a promising strategy being used by Freedom from Hunger to enhance the adaptive capacity of savings group members and to strengthen their potential to lead themselves and their communities down a path of resilience.

Gender inequality, low economic empowerment, food insecurity, and malnutrition go hand-in-hand. And while women have the potential to feed the world, they often face limited access to markets, financial services, a balanced diet, and agricultural inputs such as seed, livestock and labor, which limits their productivity, agricultural production and consequently the well-being of their families. Despite their contributions to agriculture and the small enterprises they manage, women’s own food security and nutritional needs, as well as those of their daughters, are too often neglected.

Programs that link nutrition, agriculture, gender equality and financial services have great potential to address the complex relationships that exist between gender inequality, food security, and low economic empowerment.

Women in Burkina Faso Learning agricultural trade

Building Resilience in Burkina Faso

Using savings groups as a platform, we deliver financial services, health access, and education to increase resilience to financial shocks for thousands of women and their families.

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Women in Rajasthan India learn the importance of proper nutrition

Rajasthan Nutrition Project

Building on the growing self-help movement in Rajasthan, we link health, nutrition, agriculture, and gender to connect more poor women to available services.

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