Freedom from Hunger is committed to sharing what we learn with the rest of the field. Our expert staff members are regularly called upon to contribute commentary, articles and chapters for trade publications, technical journals and books.

We are pleased to provide the following list of published works authored or co-authored by Freedom from Hunger staff, past and present. These articles are generally available for free download in PDF format or via links to other websites. In some cases, articles have been published by journals that provide access only by subscription or purchase.

The titles are listed according to the date of publication, starting with the most recent articles. We provide complete citation information for the convenience of researchers wanting to cite the publication in their own work and provide access to French or Spanish versions, when available.

We sincerely hope you will find these articles useful for broadening your understanding of value-added microfinance and related topics.

Microfinance: A Means to What End?

Dunford, Christopher. Presentation to the Global Dialogue on Microfinance and Human Development at Stockholm, Sweden (1-3 April 1998).

Impact of Credit with Education on mothers and their young children’s nutrition: Lower Pra Rural Bank Credit with Education program in Ghana.

MkNelly, Barbara and Christopher Dunford. Freedom from Hunger Research Paper No. 4. 72pp. (March 1998). Davis, CA: Freedom from Hunger.

Amazed and Amused at the Microcredit Summit

Dunford, Christopher. Monday Developments, 15 (4): 12–13. (February 24, 1997) (English Only).

Micro-credit: a means to what end?

Dunford, Christopher. Monday Developments, 14(24):11–12. (December 23, 1996). (English Only)

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Qualitative impact study of Credit with Education in Burkina Faso.

Kevane, Michael. Freedom from Hunger Research Paper No. 3. 36pp. (July 1996). Davis, CA : Freedom from Hunger.

Preliminary evidence that integrated financial and educational services can be effective against hunger and malnutrition.

MkNelly, Barbara, Chatree Watetip, Cheryl A. Lassen and Christopher Dunford. Freedom from Hunger Research Paper No. 2. 27 pp. (April 1996). Davis, CA : Freedom from Hunger.

Are credit and savings services effective against hunger and malnutrition? A literature review and analysis.

MkNelly, Barbara and Christopher Dunford. Freedom from Hunger Research Paper No. 1. 51pp. (February 1996). Davis, CA: Freedom from Hunger (full English text with French and Spanish executive summaries).

Credit with Education: A self-financing way to empower women.

Vor der Bruegge, Ellen, Maureen Plas, Christopher Dunford and Kathleen E. Stack. Convergence, 28 (3): 26–35, (1995). (English Only)


Credit with Education provides poor women with small loans; a safe place for savings; and education in health, nutrition, and family planning. The strategy integrates financial and educational services to empower women toward self-sufficiency.

Credit with Education for Women: Engaging Bankers in Hunger Prevention

Dunford, Christopher. Presentation to the Fifth Annual Hunger Research Briefing and Exchange at Brown University, Providence, RI (8-10 April 1992).

Access to Credit for Poor Women: A Scale-Up Study of Projects Carried Out by Freedom from Hunger in Mali and Ghana

Ashe, Jeffrey, Madeline Hirschland and Jill Burnett. An evaluation report for USAID’s GEMINI Project (February 1992).