In Bénin, the informal savings group movement has brought basic financial services to thousands of rural women. As the groups have matured and grown economically, our work with them has expanded to bring new financial and health services.

Project: Family Planning and Health Savings Groups

This project is designed to help Bénin achieve its objective of 20 percent modern contraceptive prevalence by 2018.

The project works through women’s savings groups and includes a behavior-change communication campaign that raises awareness about family planning and reproductive health. Beyond the women’s groups, men and community leaders are also included in the discussions. The project expands health financing options for savings group members to use for family planning services and collaborates with local health providers to facilitate women’s access to health services, including appropriate family planning methods.

Project: Innovating for Financial Inclusion in Bénin

With savings groups as a platform, this project applies digital technology to reduce the cost of bringing financial services to the financially excluded and to solve some of the most common obstacles to delivering mobile money services to rural areas.

Both savings services and financial education for the savings group members are delivered digitally via mobile phones. At the same time, the project addresses the increased and more complex set of client protection principles that accompany digital financial services. Working with our local microfinance partner, ALIDé, we are ensuring that financial services are provided responsibly and meet the needs of poor clients.