Fundraise to Change a Life


Women in credit and savings groups contribute small, regular amounts to their groups that really add up over time. You too can make incremental contributions to their future… just by doing your regular shopping!

If you create an account at and designate Freedom from Hunger as the organization you wish to support, Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases to Freedom from Hunger. Item prices are the same as the regular site, so your purchase doesn’t cost you anything extra!

While the percentage is small, the numbers really do add up. Check it out! If you are planning to shop online anyway, here’s a way to support Freedom from Hunger at no additional cost to you.

Check it out today!

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Person-to-Person (Peer-2-Peer) Fundraising

Many platforms make it easy for people interested in raising money for causes to do so.

One option for supporting your favorite cause creatively is to use our Peer-to-Peer fundraising tool

Cards for Special Occasions

Don’t know someone’s size? Are you tired of trying to come up with a creative gift for that extra-special someone?

Freedom from Hunger will design a card and send it on your behalf. It’s easy!

Contact or call (530) 758-6200, ext. 1042.

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Other Creative Fundraising

An artist makes bowls and donates all the proceeds from the sales.

A winery and a yogurt shop offer a percentage of their sales on a specific night to Freedom from Hunger.

Instead of wedding, birthday or anniversary gifts, people celebrating special occasions often ask that gifts be made to Freedom from Hunger. It is easy to get a personal campaign going, please see our fundraising tool HERE.

Would you like to host a reception or party? Are you participating in an athletic event (marathon, triathlon, etc.)? Do you want to inspire your friends, family and colleagues to get involved and help poor women around the world realize a brighter, healthier future for their families? Do you have a car that you don’t need anymore and want to donate it to charity?

We love creative ideas and our team is eager to help you get your friends excited about our cause. Please contact our Donor Relations Manager at or via phone at (530) 758-6200, ext. 1042 to discuss your ideas.

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Freedom from Hunger is making it easy to get involved.

Freedom from Hunger implements innovative and sustainable solutions to help women and their families who are trapped in the cycle of chronic poverty.

The impact on the lives of women and families we serve is profound. Be part of something great! Get involved today!