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December 16,2015

CARD Mutually Reinforcing Institutions (CARD MRI), Freedom from Hunger, and the Microcredit Summit Campaign celebrated the achievements of the “Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies: Kalinga kay Inay” project and the important partnerships established with local and national government units, domestic and international funders, and microfinance and health institutions in the past 14 months. Some 800,000 women have received maternal health education and about 9000 women received OB/GYN and other exams.

November 03,2015

Davis, CA –Today the Freedom from Hunger Board of Directors announced that President and CEO Steve Hollingworth will depart the organization on February 3, 2016. Hollingworth has been the Chief Executive Officer of Freedom from Hunger since 2011. He has focused the organization on the intersection of poverty, financial services, hunger and health.

The Board has appointed a task force to oversee the transition including the process for the identification and selection of a new CEO and President. The task force consists of Board Chair Marianne Udow-Phillips, Vice-Chair Richard Auger, Treasurer, William Robinson, former Chair, J. Grover Thomas, and Chair of the board development committee, William Hamm.

Udow-Phillips said, “Steve has provided tremendous leadership to Freedom from Hunger over the past four years. He is an innovative, committed leader who has unquestionably advanced the work of the organization as it has helped improve the lives of millions of very poor women and their families.”

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July 07,2015

What coping mechanisms do poor households use in times of crisis? How do different financial services, particularly those designed to anticipate and respond to common household shocks, contribute to resilience? These were central questions of research conducted in Burkina Faso by Freedom from Hunger under CGAP's Customers at the Center Financial Inclusion Research Fund. A key component of this research was "resilience diaries," a seven month project with 46 women from rural households that seeks to understand how people manage their financial lives and bounce back in times of crisis...

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May 11,2015

Built on a foundation of commitment savings, Savings Groups (SGs) provide basic financial services, social support, and a platform for learning and testing new ideas to poor people worldwide. With nearly ten million people—mostly women and young people—participating in some form of Savings Group, it is a highly effective, scalable, and sustainable instrument for engaging the ‘unbanked’ poor. Savings Groups are also proven to serve as an entry point for other development efforts, including food security, health, and women’s economic empowerment...

April 17,2015

While recent research indicates that access to and use of microcredit alone is not transformative for the average client served (see “Where Credit Is Due”), there has been very little discussion about the types of indicators being used to measure “transformation” in the ongoing debates. In fact, it seems that we all have accepted the general findings...

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March 10,2015

When selecting a health care provider in the United States, we generally make decisions based on the quality of the practitioners and the costs of services and medications. We also look for offices that are close to our home or office. However imperfect our health system may be, we generally have the information and tools at our disposal to identify and select the best options for our individual needs...

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