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August 19,2014

The Truelift initiative was launched in 2010 by Freedom from Hunger, the Grameen Foundation, Kiva and the Microcredit Summit Campaign, with support from the Ford Foundation, Michael & Susan Dell Foundation and Deutsche Bank.Truelift is a global initiative to promote accountability and learning in pro-poor development. We are delighted to report that CRECER, Freedom from Hunger’s partner in Bolivia, has been recognized with the highest level of recognition offered by Truelift. In achieving this, CRECER joins Indian MFI Cashpor as one of only two MFIs, to date, to achieve this leadership designation.

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August 06,2014

There is a growing body of evidence showing that, for poor families in the developing world, health is often the primary cause for late payments and defaults on microfinance loans. This isn’t that shocking really, given that health problems and medical bills also contribute to many family financial crises here in the United States as well.

Unfortunately, microfinance institutions (MFIs) often lack experience with financial products that are specifically designed to help poor families pay for health expenses.

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August 01,2014

On July 29, 2014, Freedom from Hunger, the Microcredit Summit Campaign and the Indian Institute of Public Health, Gandhinagar released a new report titled “Integrated Health and Microfinance in India, Volume II: The Way Forward.” The report was released in advance of the South Asia Conference on Policies and Practices to Improve Nutrition Security in New Delhi, India.

July 30,2014

On August 18, we will mark the 500-day milestone toward achieving the Millennium Development Goals — global commitments which represent a promise to humanity on behalf of the international community.

As development professionals, we commit our lives to big goals such as eradicating hunger and poverty, or achieving universal education. We do what we do because we know that it makes a difference. We see it in the faces and stories of the people we serve.

Yet, the numbers tell us, there is plenty left for us to accomplish.

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February 26,2014

Originally published on The Next Billion Blog on February 26, 2014

The debate about the contributions that microfinance is making to global poverty alleviation is an interesting one. But it’s also getting a little tedious.

We are all disappointed that microfinance has not, as the popular culture has promoted it, proven to be the “silver bullet” for poverty alleviation. If, however, we challenge ourselves to really understand (and be transparent about) the strengths and limitations of microfinance, and begin to think about it as just one part of a more comprehensive package of development services, the debate (and potential for impact) becomes much more interesting.

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February 19,2014

Originally posted in the Huffington Post on February 18, 2014

Healthy workers not only feel happier, they work more productively to earn higher incomes for their families. Freedom from hunger, an integrated-services microfinance provider, has led the way in connecting their clients to affordable healthcare. We check out a clinic in Juliaca with Irene, Sabina, and Mery to see how the plan works in real life. Part 3 in our 5-part series from Peru. -Read More-