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May 29,2013

The Skees Family Foundation supports self-help programs, equal-opportunity education and jobs to end poverty worldwide. Additionally they amplify the stories of the women that Freedom from Hunger and their other grantees serve. Foundation Director, Suzanne Skees published a heart-warming story about Dalia Villanueva Trauco in her "Seeds of Hope" blog, which was subsequently picked up by the Huffington Post.

May 10,2013

Oxfam America President Raymond C. Offenheiser and Freedom from Hunger President Steve Hollingworth today released significant research findings from a new three-year study exploring the impacts of savings groups in 500 rural villages in Mali. The study is a state-of-the-art, mixed methodology evaluation of the Saving for Change program in the Segou region of Mali, where 82% of households surveyed live on less than US$1.25 a day and the typical village is more than 14 miles from a paved road.

April 30,2013

In 2012, roughly 2.5 million poor people from Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia had access to healthcare services through programs delivered to them by an MFI (microfinance institution). These results were released in a recent report last week in Quito.

The report, prepared as part of a collaboration between Health Market Innovations, Freedom from Hunger and the Microcredit Summit Campaign, shows the importance of this financial component for the region’s social development.

April 26,2013

As reported in the the El Diario Economía in Bolivia:

A group of five microfinance institutions operating in Bolivia have provided resources in recent years to more than 300,000 women who have gained access to loans and receive basic health services, thereby improving the quality of life for their families. 

April 17,2013

La Paz, Bolivia - On April 12, Freedom from Hunger released a new report titled Integrated Health and Microfinance: Harnessing the Strength of Two Sectors to Improve Health and Alleviate Poverty in the Andes at an event hosted by PROCOSI, a network of private health organizations in Bolivia. The report was produced in collaboration by Freedom from Hunger, the Microcredit Summit Campaign, and the Center for Health Market Innovations (CHMI) with support from the Rockefeller Foundation. Read More...

March 08,2013

Dear Friends and Supporters:

I hope that you will join me and the rest of the Freedom from Hunger team today in celebrating International Women’s Day.

It represents an appropriate opportunity to reflect upon an important role that we play in the lives of the women that we are so very privileged to serve. Every day, they fight a heroic struggle, often in the face of tremendous odds, to provide a future of dignity and hope for their families. Freedom from Hunger empowers these deserving women, providing them with critical tools so that they can meet their basic needs, play a greater role in their communities and have a voice in their homes. Read More...