Young people living in poverty face many challenges as they transition from economic dependence to increased household responsibility. Their need to contribute to the household well-being is in constant tension with their limited access to financial resources and opportunities. This combination of factors can severely inhibit a young person’s ability to break the vicious cycle of intergenerational poverty.

But when youth are equipped with financial knowledge and skills, they can make better decisions. And with access to appropriate and accessible financial mechanisms, youth will have better options to meet their economic pressures and achieve their goals.

Freedom from Hunger, a recognized expert in integrated financial and non-financial services for the chronically hungry poor, launched the Advancing Integrated Microfinance for Youth (AIM Youth) initiative in partnership with The MasterCard Foundation to address these needs with appropriate and locally adapted financial education curricula integrated with customized microfinance products—beginning with savings products.

Participants in AIM Youth may be as young as 13 or as old as 24.  With this initiative, Freedom from Hunger and its partners expect to provide 37,000 youth (22,000 in Mali and 15,000 in Ecuador) with integrated services.

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