• Regional Offices
    Many of Freedom from Hunger’s diverse technical staff reside outside North America, working from “regional offices,” which may focus on one country or serve a cluster of countries. In all cases, these staff members are available to work in new countries within and even beyond their geographic region.
  • Training
    Freedom from Hunger is first and foremost a training organization. We have distinctive competencies in training design and training delivery for senior executives of financial service and social service organizations, for supervisory and training staff, for field staff, and for literate and illiterate adults and adolescents in poor communities. Freedom from Hunger custom-builds training events to suit the purposes of organizations that share our commitment to supporting the self-help efforts of the very poor, especially women who come together in groups for access to combinations of financial, educational and health services.  We encourage groups of organizations or networks that wish to learn about value-added microfinance together to contact us.  Most of our trainings can be easily adapted for multi-institutional trainings, and we encourage institutions to take advantage of the cost-sharing and learning opportunities created by learning together.
  • Technical Assistance
    Freedom from Hunger has found that organizations learn more effectively and sustainably when training is accompanied by technical assistance.  Our approach to technical assistance is highly customized to the needs, objectives and constraints of each organization, which demands adaptable listening, analysis and design skills on our part.  The technical assistance relationship typically evolves through distinct phases as problems are solved and new opportunities arise.   The relationship may last a few months to more than a decade and can evolve into a partnership for joint innovation and mutual learning.
  • Technical Staff
    Freedom from Hunger has technical staff with diverse training and expertise in microfinance, health, microenterprise development, non-formal education, program design, and monitoring and evaluation, both before and after joining our organization.  A distinctive common feature of our technical staff, including the President, is that all have been trained to be trainers and advisors to other organizations in various aspects of adding value to microfinance. These are the people Freedom from Hunger can offer to do training and technical assistance and other special assignments, including research studies and technical presentations. Their biographies are presented below to show the depth of experience and diversity of skills and backgrounds that Freedom from Hunger’s International Center can offer to other organizations.