To build a bridge and respond to the needs of women who are between successful microentrepreneurship and investment-ready small enterprise in Mexico, Freedom from Hunger, in collaboration with Agora Partnerships and Ambito Productivo, initiated a formative research project to inform the design of a program that would support women with high-potential microenterprises in Mexico to become investment-ready and qualify for small-business accelerator programs. The research revealed that successful microentrepreneurs, or positive deviants, had six factors in common. They 1) wanted to be an entrepreneur in the first place compared to those who saw their business as a means to achieving some other financial goal; 2) had chosen a business that had room and opportunity to grow; 3) seemed to have more confidence in themselves; 4) had established their business in a permanent location and/or had the business registered; 5) had older children or had a workable arrangement that allowed them to care for their children and their business; and 6) most importantly, had a vision for their business and some ideas of how to achieve their vision.