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Creating Breakthroughs
to End Poverty and Hunger

In October 2016, Freedom from Hunger joined forces with Grameen Foundation to form one organization. Under the Grameen Foundation banner, it works to enable the poor, especially women, to create a world without poverty and hunger.

With the integration, major operating functions, programs and staff of Freedom from Hunger joined Grameen Foundation, which also established a new Board of Directors and executive leadership. Separate from these increased efficiencies, Freedom from Hunger continues to operate as a charitable organization in several countries, where it is a supporting organization of Grameen Foundation and guides projects to give women the tools they need to end poverty and hunger for themselves and their families.

At the same time, Grameen Foundation continues to evolve. A year after the integration, we launched a new look and logo, designed to reflect the conviction that breakthroughs to end poverty and hunger are not only essential, but closer than ever.

Want to learn more about Grameen Foundation? Watch these short videos or visit our homepage. To support the ongoing work of Freedom from Hunger as part of Grameen Foundation, click here or send your contribution to our new headquarters:

Grameen Foundation, 1400 K St. NW, Suite 550, Washington, DC 20005.