Freedom from Hunger is committed to sharing what we learn with the rest of the field. Our expert staff members are regularly called upon to contribute commentary, articles and chapters for trade publications, technical journals and books.

We are pleased to provide the following list of published works authored or co-authored by Freedom from Hunger staff, past and present. These articles are generally available for free download in PDF format or via links to other websites. In some cases, articles have been published by journals that provide access only by subscription or purchase.

The titles are listed according to the date of publication, starting with the most recent articles. We provide complete citation information for the convenience of researchers wanting to cite the publication in their own work and provide access to French or Spanish versions, when available.

We sincerely hope you will find these articles useful for broadening your understanding of value-added microfinance and related topics.

Access to Credit for Poor Women: A Scale-Up Study of Projects Carried Out by Freedom from Hunger in Mali and Ghana

Ashe, Jeffrey, Madeline Hirschland and Jill Burnett. An evaluation report for USAID’s GEMINI Project (February 1992).

Freedom from Hunger’s New Credit-Led Approach to Alleviating Hunger: How is It Working?

Lassen, Cheryl and Barbara MkNelly. An Evaluation of a Partnership Grant from the U.S. Agency for International Development to the Freedom from Hunger Foundation, Cooperative Agreement No. OTR-0158-A-00-8147-00 (January 1992).

Name That Program – Report of Results

Dunford, Chris. Internal memo to Freedom from Hunger Board and Staff (December 21, 1990).

A Starting Point for Brainstorming?

Freedom from Hunger Management Team. Internal memo to Sue Garratt, Chair, Freedom from Hunger Board of Trustees (December 7, 1990).

Tactical Plan for Program Development and Evaluation 1990 – 1993

Freedom from Hunger Program Staff. Internal planning document of the Freedom from Hunger Foundation (August 1990).

Organization of the Credit System – Thailand, December 1989

Program Staff of Freedom from Hunger. Internal document of Freedom from Hunger (December 1989).

Letter to the Freedom from Hunger Board and Staff Regarding a Visit to the Honduras Program

Francie Mallery, Trustee of Freedom from Hunger (October 6, 1989).

Village Banks of Thailand: Promoting Nutrition Education through Income Generation

Program Staff of Freedom from Hunger Foundation. Concept paper (June 1989).

Nutrition Education through Income Generation: Development of a Program Concept

Stack, Kathleen, Christopher Dunford and Ellen Vor der Bruegge. Internal memo of the Freedom from Hunger Foundation (November 1988).