Supporting the self-help efforts of the chronically hungry poor requires a deep and nuanced understanding of the women, their families and their needs.  It also requires a culture of learning and a commitment to ongoing innovation.

Freedom from Hunger has always let the evidence guide its work.  In order to achieve greater scale and ensure quality and sustainability, Freedom from Hunger was one of the first microfinance organizations to rely on rigorous research and evaluation to understand and explain the impacts of our programs.  We rely on a wide range of research methodologies, ranging from quantitative randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and financial diaries to qualitative tools such as impact stories and focus-group discussions. What we learn from our research guides every aspect of our work.

We are also committed to sharing what we learn, developing “communities of practice" so that others in the field can learn from our experience.  Our research and evaluation and program experts lead the industry, regularly publishing research reports in technical journals and other publications. We make these reports available here for individuals and organizations that are interested in value-added microfinance and evidence-based innovation.

These research reports and summaries are freely downloadable in PDF format and provide details of our research projects—including descriptions of the program, background on the social and institutional context, research design, methods, results, analysis, discussion and conclusions.

Most of our reports have been translated into French and/or Spanish, originally for the benefit of the in-country institutions that have partnered with Freedom from Hunger in developing and researching these innovations.  In the absence of full translations, summaries in French and/or Spanish are usually available.

Research Reports

Our research puts our programs and impacts to the test, employing a range of methodologies to ensure that the value we set out to deliver is supported by evidence from the field.

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Our staff of experts share their contributed commentary, articles, and chapters to trade and technical publications.

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