We promote and strengthen the delivery of integrated financial services to increase economic and food security of the poor, especially women and girls, in Mexico and Central America.

Social Enterprise: Frontline Officers E-learning

Specially designed e-learning courses build the skills of microfinance institutions and development organizations frontline officers who lead women’s savings, credit and self-help groups. Because the training is digital, it reaches field staff when they need it, where they are.

A set of six courses develop skills in consumer protection, group facilitation, techniques for delivering non-formal education, and microcredit products management. The goal is to form frontline staff who are able to deliver greater benefit to their clients and to their organizations. An added benefit of having the courses in digital format is that they can reach field staff with the training they need, when and where they need it.

Frontline Officers Training courses come with technical assistance and are offered for sale to microfinance and development organizations. Organizations can choose modules individually to create their own training curriculum. To date, frontline staff from Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico and Peru have been trained using this platform.

Project: Achieve Your Goals

This project develops, tests, and measures new, more effective ways for financial institutions to communicate with clients – particularly those with a lower level of financial literacy – so that the clients can be more successful in their use of financial services and the financial institutions can understand and serve the needs of the client better.

Sponsored by Metlife Foundation, the project uses a creative set of broadcast communications, from a radio soap opera, to a self-pace-learning application on a digital tablet, to text messaging all of which educate and reinforce financial knowledge while at the same time collecting data about client interests and practices.