Microfinance is a powerful self-help tool, but alone is not enough to help the very poor climb out of poverty. Freedom from Hunger has developed and promoted “value-added" or “integrated" microfinance programs that pair financial services with education, health protection, and agriculture improvements.

We use self-help groups as a platform for providing women and youth with knowledge and access to financial services that together, help them manage a healthier future.

We integrate health focused programs that give women knowledge, access to health service, and financial means to keep their families healthy.

We address the complex relationships that exist between gender inequality, food security, and low economic empowerment through our programs that integrate nutrition, agriculture, gender equality and financial services.

Our research program ensures that the value we set out to deliver is supported by evidence from the field. Read more.


Burkina Faso
We build resilience of families by teaching improved agriculture techniques, delivering financial services and educating about health and nutrition.

We are expanding financial inclusion for savings groups and providing them with family planning services, health education, and health financing.


Through Freedom from Hunger India Trust, we make financial services and health information more accessible and affordable to underserved households.

Latin America

We strengthen families through financial inclusion and access to quality health services, and use technology to reach more people throughout the country.

We promote and strengthen the delivery of integrated financial services to increase economic and food security of the poor, especially women and girls, in Mexico and Central America.

We strengthen women through integrated financial services and increase the ability of partners to provide high quality, client-responsive services to their clients.