Listening to the poor without preconceptions has generated remarkable insights about their desires, challenges and capabilities, with significant implications for designing programs that more effectively meet their needs. To complement these efforts and the learning they have generated, Freedom from Hunger undertook a project to listen to the frontline fieldworkers; specifically, to listen to the credit officers of financial service providers who utilize the village-banking model as a platform to provide financial and non-financial services to groups of poor women. Freedom from Hunger worked with five microfinance institutions to conduct this research. Almost 200 interviews and focus-group discussions were conducted with credit officers, clients and supervisors to answer five key questions: 1) What motivates credit officers? 2) What is the state of the relationship between the credit officer and the client? 3) What can we learn from credit officers about the people they serve? 4) How can we better support credit officers? and 5) How faithfully are programs, policies and procedures carried out by credit officers? This report documents the findings for these five questions.